Permit News: February-March

Permit News
Following is a rundown of the current limited entry permit market, primarily in Alaska. If you don’t see something that you think should be included, shoot us an email.

As of early February, Bay permits were trading in the mid $150s and sellers starting to ask $160k or more. SE permits were steady at $100k. Offers for PWS permits are were as high as $220k and permits were hard to find at any price. Cook Inlet permits were in the low to mid $80s. Area M permits were hard to come by, even with offers as high as $95k.

Not a lot of activity in SE permits so far, with sellers looking for $310k or better. PWS permits were moving in the low $200s. Steady interest in Kodiak permits had asking prices moving to $60k or more. Nothing new for Chignik permits with buyers offering as high as $225k with no takers. Area M permits were quiet with sellers as low as $60k.

SE Power Troll permits moved up to close to $40k over the last couple of months. Hand Troll permits dropped slightly to $10k. Troll permits for the lower 48 are very hard to find at any price.

SE Dungy permits firmed up a bit with prices ranging from $130-175/pot. There are more California crab permits available than any time since they went limited. Oregon and Washington permits are still hard to find. A few 300 pot permits have come on the market recently. Buyers are always looking for Puget Sound dungy permits, offering in the mid $90s.

Info provided by Mike Painter, General Manager at Permit Master. In addition to his 17 years driving a desk at Permit Master, he spent 30+ years fishing in Alaska.


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