The biggest run of Bristol Bay salmon in 20 years is projected to slam nets and reach spawning grounds in 2015, presenting a bounty for commercial fishermen and a challenge for processors.

The biggest run of Bristol Bay salmon in 20 years is projected to slam nets and reach spawning grounds in 2015, presenting a bounty for commercial fishermen and a challenge for processors.

They seem like an unlikely pair to be buying a half-million-dollar boat and heading to Alaska to fish commercially.For one, they're both just 24 years old.

Prolific Seattle boatbuilder Delta Marine has added a new dimension to its venerable line of fiberglass fishing boats with the construction of a 58-foot by 27-foot steel-hulled limit seiner.

They bear an uncanny resemblance to a two-liter bottle of orange soda with a short antenna, and researchers are asking commercial and recreational fishermen, as well as coastal residents, visitors and beachcombers, to keep a weather eye out for them.

It was a quick trip for the crew on the Adventure as they brought in the last of their red king crab quota to Dutch Harbor.

“Two hundred forty-seven pots in two days,” said Jim Wilson, who serves as captain. “We probably have 75,000 pounds of red king crab.”

Longtime Unisea president Terry Shaff died unexpectedly on Nov. 14.

In 2013, it was announced Tom Enlow would take over from Shaff, at a then unspecified date. Enlow has now taken over as the top executive of Unisea, Chris Plaisance, vice president of human resources for Unisea, confirmed.

From Sitka to Kodiak, small, independent commercial fishermen are taking an increasingly hands-on role in marketing their own fish.

Rhonda Hubbard and her husband Jim of Seward started selling and processing their own fish more than two decades ago. Since then, she’s seen more fishermen do the same.

Hubbard said that the markets many of those fishermen reach, like farmers’ markets in the Lower 48 and other small sales opportunities, are niches that traditional processors often can’t fill.

ANCHORAGE — It was tough to find anyone who was more excited than Sen. Lisa Murkowski at Dan Sullivan’s election night party.

Warming up the crowd before Sullivan entered as final vote tallies were still rolling in, and with the Republican challenger maintaining a lead over incumbent Sen. Mark Begich, Murkowski walked away from the microphone and grabbed a chair, lofting it over her head and asking the crowd if they knew what it meant for the U.S. Senate.

“I’m the chair!” she exclaimed to wild cheers and applause.

Illicit fishing goes on every day at an industrial scale. But large commercial fishers are about to get a new set of overseers: conservationists—and soon the general public—armed with space-based reconnaissance of the global fleet.

Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell has conceded in the state’s gubernatorial race, issuing a statement a day after independent candidate Bill Walker was declared the winner.

Parnell wrote on Facebook Saturday that he met with Walker Saturday morning, offering him office space to help with the transition.

There's a 58 percent chance that Alaska could experience an El Niño winter but Southeast will see the biggest difference.

Alaska is definitely seeing some strange weather. Super typhoon Nuri warmed up parts of Alaska while forcing cold winds to really hit the Midwest. There’s a chance that Alaska could see another bout of warm winter weather. KDLG’s Thea Card reports.

Naval architect Jensen Maritime and shipbuilder Vigor will unveil designs for a new 352ft fishing vessel at the Pacific Maritime Expo next week.

The design is scalable and can be adapted to meet the needs of any of the fleets in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) is predicting a very strong sockeye run in 2015, compared to 2014.

A total of 53.98 million sockeye salmon (range 44.83–63.13m) are expected to return to Bristol Bay in 2015. This prediction is 40% greater than the previous ten-year mean of total runs and 51% greater than the long-term mean of 32.43m, said ADF&G.

Total run forecast at 54 million sockeye.

While carefully avoiding a victory declaration, leading gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker announced the co-chairs of his transition team Wednesday afternoon -- former two-time Alaska Senate President Rick Halford and Bethel Native leader Ana Hoffman.

Republican Dan Sullivan was declared the winner of Alaska’s Senate race early Wednesday morning, a week after voting ended, as the Associated Press said he held an insurmountable lead over one-term Democratic Sen. Mark Begich.

Alaska’s largest employer continues to add more jobs to its roster. Commercial fishing jobs grew last year to a level not seen since the year 2000, according to the state Department of Labor. Driven primarily by an increased salmon harvest, notably from the record run of pinks, fishing jobs grew by nearly 2.5 per cent last year. That brought the annual monthly average to 8,400 jobs, just 400 shy of the record over a decade ago.

Six Alaskans nominated by Governor Sean Parnell were appointed by the U.S. secretary of state to serve on a panel for the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission. The panel serves as a forum for promoting the conservation of anadromous stocks and ecologically related species in the North Pacific Ocean; and advises the U.S. Section of the North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission on living marine resource conservation and high seas fishery enforcement issues.

Dongwon’s food and beverages division Dongwon F&B and US subsidiary Starkist will own a combined 12.5% in Silver Bay Seafoods, the Alaskan seafood company has just announced.

Earlier today, the South Korean conglomerate Dongwon announced that it had signed a deal to invest in Silver Bay, a fishermen-owned processing company headquartered in Sitka, Alaska.

A massive storm is expected to batter the entire western half of Alaska late today and Saturday, with wave heights close to 50 feet in the Aleutian Islands.

The initiative states that, in addition to permits and other authorizations required by law, a final authorization would be needed from the Legislature for any large-scale mining operation within the watershed of the Bristol Bay Fisheries Reserve.

The owner of the Canadian mine that suffered a disastrous dam breach in August might face sanctions as serious as criminal penalties, British Columbia government officials said on Wednesday.

Roaring at seven knots up the U.S. side of the Stikine River, a grizzly bear of a man named Mark Galla steers our jet boat through a gauntlet of protruding logs, attempting to point out the exact point at which Alaska becomes British Columbia. Against the vastness of the surrounding wilderness, the border is invisible, almost arbitrary. Until recently, most Alaskans couldn't see it either.

The 2014 charter halibut catch exceeded the allocations in both Southeast and Southcentral despite projections last winter that the management measures would keep anglers within the limits for each area.

Following councilman Keggie Tubbs resignation, Mayor Ruby says she isn't sure how the council will vote Thursday.

US pollock sellers and, to some extent, European buyers are anticipating higher prices for next A season, but the currency situation and cheap stocks of double frozen pollock are counting against a big hike.

Seafood harvesting employment in Alaska is on the rise.

A new report in the November edition of state Labor Department publication Alaska Economic Trends says monthly employment in Alaska's seafood harvesting sector in 2013 grew by 2.4 percent, a level not seen since 2000.